Urine Testing

  • Urine is the most common sample type for drug and alcohol testing.
  • Simple and practical to obtain, it offers short-term drug abuse profiling.
  • Urine samples are most commonly used to detect recent illegal and therapeutic drug use.
  • It is considered non-intrusive and sample collection is not observed.

How it works

Once a drug is consumed, the end product looks much different once it has been passed through the body. Drugs enter the body in psychedelic form and come out as a metabolite. A urine test is able to detect the metabolites and deliver a confirmatory report indicating their presence through drug-protein conjugates. Tests can be conducted instantly, or samples can be collected and send to our laboratory for more in-depth analysis.

Detection window:

Drugs: 4 hours – 8 days (30 days for regular cannabis users)

Alcohol: <12 hours


  • Screens for 8 to 14 drugs of abuse
  • K2 Spice detection available on 14 panel test
  • Tamper-proof strip insert
  • Robust cup with a wide aperture and secure lid
  • Individual chambers eliminate drug interpretation confusion
  • Samples collected can be used for subsequent laboratory confirmation testing

Reduce the risk of drugs & alcohol in your workplace

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