Accurate Testing For Occupational Health

The core focus of any organisation is the health and safety of its employees. Staff are a key business asset and their well-being is essential for productivity and profitability. Research has shown that good health is positive for business, and healthy workplaces produce better financial results. According to the UK Government, over 17 million days are lost each year to sickness absence.

Why Test?

Companies need to ensure that staff performance is and will be, to a high level. In any business environment, companies cannot afford to fall behind due to poor staff health. It is therefore imperative that all staff are fit to work and carry out daily duties. The misuse of drugs and/or alcohol can not only damage staff performance, but it also affects health and safety. If a member of staff attends work whilst under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol this can seriously damage company reputation.

In recent years, organisations have taken proactive steps to ensure the well-being of employees. Occupational health teams within organisations aim to keep people well at work – physically and mentally. The do so by managing risks in the workplace that are likely to give rise to work-related ill health.

We Recommend Regular Testing

At Randox Testing Services we work with occupational health companies to provide a range of products and services. We help occupational health teams to introduce effective workplace drug and alcohol policies. An effective policy can decrease the risk of drug and/or alcohol related incidents. We also offer a wide range of point of care products to enable you to carry out on-site testing for instant results. Our wide range of products are specifically designed to test for drug abuse or alcohol misuse and include a selection of user friendly devices and instant test kits.

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