Complete Drug and Alcohol Testing Solutions

At Randox Testing Services we provide reliable and cost-effective employee testing for a wide range of industries including aviation, maritime, manufacturing and many more. We cater to all business needs and offer workplace drug and alcohol testing across a variety of testing types.

We understand the needs of different industries can vary from one extremity to the other so our expertise allows us to craft customised packages to meet the needs of any workplace.

Implementation of an effective substance misuse policy establishes employer rights to conduct workplace drug and alcohol testing if required. In addition, it ensures adherence to the duty of care of an employer to protect their workforce and keep employees safe.

Types of Testing

  • Pre-Employment Testing

This is used as an indicator of candidate suitability, it forms an essential part of a company’s recruitment process, and helps maintain the safety of the firm’s current workforce.


  • Random Testing

With knowledge that a test could be conducted with anyone at any time, random testing is the most effective deterrent of drug or alcohol misuse among employees. It ensures integrity of staff across all levels and can be conducted with employees at any level from temporary staff to directors.


  • With-Cause Testing

This is conducted when there is suspected drug or alcohol abuse in the workplace, whether allegations are made, suspicion arises, if drugs and alcohol have been found in work or following an accident.


  • Post-Incident Testing

Post-Incident testing occurs after an accident or incident in work to determine if drugs or alcohol may have contributed to the cause.


  • Abstinence Testing

The process of this testing is conducted in circumstances where an employee, having tested positive for a previous drug or alcohol test is monitored to ensure they remain abstinent from drug or alcohol misuse.

Sample Types

Randox Testing Services utilises discreet and non-invasive methods of drug testing for patient comfort and fast sample collection. Offering a choice of a urine test, hair drug test, saliva drug test or a combination. Our drug testing methods ensure the possibility for short-term and long-term drug abuse profiling. With different drug testing methods having different windows of drug detection, we can provide advice on which methods to utilise depending upon your organisation’s drug testing requirements. This ensures the best method or combination of methods is chosen to ensure all needs of the business are met. Click the link to find out more about each sample type and their detection windows.



To enable reliable results, our drug and alcohol screening procedure is coherent with a strict chain of custody procedures to ensure sample integrity and traceability from point of collection to result reporting.

The process of testing;


  1. Initial Consultation with Randox Testing Services

We begin with a free consultation with one of our experienced business development executives. During this we will discuss your testing requirements and put together a package tailored to meet the needs of your business.


  1. Create a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

Providing you with the correct tools and information, we ensure you have an effective policy in place to allow you the right, an employer, to carry out employee testing. We also ensure the rights of the employee are protected by ensuring a policy which is clear and concise. During this process, we will discuss the types of workplace testing you wish to carry out ensuring your policy suits the business needs.


  1. Implement Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

We provide comprehensive training and education to help you communicate the new policy to your employees and management staff.


  1. Sample Collection

Once consent from employees is given our network of trained and experienced sample collection officers collect samples using your chosen method of testing at a time and location that suits. We also offer training and education to your own staff to collect samples from employees. Throughout sample collection, sample integrity is maintained following strict chain of custody criteria.


  1. Sample Analysis

Employee samples are transported to our state-of-the-art laboratory. Upon arrival, they are assessed to ensure sample integrity has been maintained, they are then screened using our innovative Biochip Array Technology to ensure accurate and reliable results. Upon analysis of employee samples, required actions will differ depending on the result:

  • Negative
  • Presumptive Positive (Indicates presence of a particular substance. Further analysis required).
  • Confirmatory Testing (Carried out on presumptive positive samples to confirm drug class and concentration).
  • Positive (Received after confirmatory testing, a report detailing drugs present and at what concentration will be written).


  1. Results Reporting

Results are reported confidentially via our secure web portal. Alternatively, another method can be chosen to suit your needs.


Drugs We Test For

We test for a wide range of drugs of abuse. Our different panels highlight the vast range of substances we are capable of testing for, across both instant testing kits and back to lab panels. Click on the link to see the range of drugs we test via instant or back to lab based on sample type.


Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services is a specialist in the drug and alcohol testing industry. We aim to educate and inform companies and customers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol in the workplace.

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