Webinar investigating intoxicant testing in the workplace

Webinar highlighting dangers of intoxicants in the workplace

As part of our corporate partnership with Construction Industry Federation (CIF) we are delighted to be taking part in a live webinar being held at CIF Headquarters, Dublin. The webinar is taking place tomorrow (19th) and will address the issue of intoxicant testing in the workplace.

As a market leader in the workplace drug & alcohol testing industry, we are always looking at ways in which we can help spread the message about the dangers of substance misuse in the workplace, and how an employee under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have negative impacts on the workplace.

The CIF has been a driving force behind the success of Ireland’s construction industry and proactive body in addressing the challenges it has faced over the years. Their work ensures the industry has the capacity and capability to meet the challenges it faces. One of the key areas it has been proactive in and had an extremely positive impact is the health & safety of construction sites across the country.

A key part of their strategy was to help improve safety conditions on construction sites. This was achieved through various initiatives such as training and management awareness courses, designed to promote safer workplaces. It is through this drive to increase employee well-being that we join forces with CIF to highlight the potential impacts of substance misuse on both employers and employees.

Being a Corporate Partner with CIF, the partnership allows us to showcase our expertise in workplace drug & alcohol testing. We want to alleviate concerns regarding substance misuse in the workplace, therefore this partnership gives us the platform to show employees and employers just how dangerous substance misuse can be.

We will be taking part in a live webinar with our Senior Business Development Executive; David O’Regan, to discuss intoxicant testing in the workplace, with a specific focus on the Irish construction sector.

David will discuss a variety of topics that covers every aspect of workplace testing; from sample types, types of workplace testing to protocols and legislation.

Spaces for the webinar are filling fast, so make sure you register to find out more about drug & alcohol testing for the Irish construction industry.

To register: https://goo.gl/paAQjH


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