The Effects of Ecstasy

What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy (more formally known as MDMA) is a Class A illicit drug, meaning it is illegal to possess or trade.  MDMA itself is a white, tan or brown powder, but it is often pressed into brightly coloured tablets or pills with a design or logo stamped into them.

Ecstasy is a psychotropic stimulant-type drug (‘upper’) that works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS) and increasing activity in the brain.  MDMA is widely recreationally used as a party, rave or dance drug for its stimulant, mild hallucinogenic, and empathogenic properties.

Street names for ecstasy has many street names, including MD, Mandy, Molly, Candy, ADAM, Disco biscuits, XTC and M&M.



Effects of Ecstasy

Ecstasy produces feelings of empathy, euphoria, peace and well-being and increased sociability.  The stimulant properties of the drug increase energy levels, stamina and alertness but may also result in blurred or double vision, loss of co-ordination, muscle tension, and involuntary jaw clenching.

At higher doses, agitation, panic attacks, and illusory or hallucinatory experiences may occur.

Clinical symptoms from using stimulant drugs like Ecstasy may include fast heart rate, high blood pressure, tremors and speech difficulties.

Following the high Ecstasy brings, users may experience fatigue, depression, sleep problems, severe anxiety, and paranoia.



Ecstasy in the workplace

Desired effects of Ecstasy may last only an hour.  Drug stacking refers to the ingestion of single doses of drug consecutively as effects begin to wane. Such extensive or binge use often occurs over weekends, and can result in exhaustion, apathy, depression, irritability, and insomnia and muscle tension early the next week (often referred to as “terrible Tuesdays”).

An employee using Ecstasy may struggle to maintain concentration, and therefore will have difficulty sustaining and shifting attention to meet the demands of changes in the environment.

This is especially critical in industries such as construction, transport and manufacturing were full attention is needed.  A slight lapse in concentration may cause a severe accident and can be detrimental to the business.


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