Workplace Testing in the Construction Industry

As a corporate partner of CIF Ireland, we have been participating this week in #CIFSafety18 addressing intoxicant testing in the workplace.

Employees in the construction industry are at a higher risk of injury due to the nature of their work. Fatal injuries are largely a result of falling from height, with other causes including contact with machinery or electricity, or being struck by a moving object or vehicle. The chances of these incidents occurring are heightened when drugs or alcohol are involved. As a result, companies should have a stringent health and safety policy in place to minimise risks of incidents occurring.


Why Test?

Maintaining a safe working environment is of the utmost importance in protecting your employees and yourself as an employer. The slightest lapse in concentration could have serious consequences for the employee, colleagues and the company. On most construction sites, it is strongly advised that no employee should have consumed drugs or alcohol recently, nor consumed drugs and alcohol whilst working. This industry is especially vulnerable to mistakes and accidents occurring if employees are abusing drugs and alcohol due to the dangerous mix of machinery, waste products and manual handling.

With the widespread availability of drugs and alcohol the inclusion of a workplace drug and alcohol testing policy is strongly advised for construction businesses.


We Recommend Regular Testing

Randox Testing Services believe it is the responsibility of the contractors, employers and employees alike to undertake regular drug and alcohol testing. This will help to eliminate problematic substance abuse in the construction industry.

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